Welcome to: "The L'll Big Band"

   Big Band music for dancing and listening.  Live music is always the best music!

         Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the band play for? 

We often perform a two hour show. However, we can also negotiate different time frames for specific engagements.

How long do we need to set up?

A minimum time of one hour is required for setting up the band.  This is best done before your audience arrives to avoid disturbing the audience with the moving of equipment and sound checks.  Ideally, we can negotiate a time before the event that is least disruptive.

Do you need a sound system? 

We use a use a sound system for our vocalists.  We may be able to use a house system or can negotiate to bring our own p.a. system.  A microphone  may be made available for announcements.  

What do you wear? 

We usually perform wearing tuxes or black pants and shirts.

How long are your breaks?

Our general rule, is to perform for around 45 minutes and then take a 15 minute break.

How would you describe your repertoire?  

We play mainly the Big Band standards.  However, we are regularly learning new arrangements and can include some selections from a variety of styles, including rock, blues, pop, latin and seasonal favourites. 

Does the band take requests?

We have a large repertoire of songs and may have an arrangement of a particular song requested.  Should the organizers of the event desire a special song, asking in advance of the engagement is recommended.

What do you charge?  

 We have different rates for different situations.  The length of the engagement, travel time, and if your event is charitable or commercial, are all factors that influence the rate we will charge.  We can also offer a more competitive rate for multiple dates.  Send us an email or give us a call.  We can discuss  the requirements for your event and venue, and just how affordable it could be to present the L'll Big Band to your audience!

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